Saddle fitting service

For more than 20 years, Emmers Equestrian has visited their riders to measure saddles. Our team specialised saddle fitters can expertly advise you on the purchase of a saddle from the extensive collection. With more than 500 saddles in stock, many saddles are available directly from stock.

Of course you can trade in your second hand saddle with the purchase of a new saddle. This is not valid when purchasing a second-hand or a new saddle from promotion / clearance. For the exchange of your saddle you have to visit the shop so that it can be valued. We can not tell you which prices are predefined on the basis of brand / model / age of the saddle.

If you are seriously interested in a saddle from our collection, a phone call to the equestrian store (tel 0032 11 664773) is sufficient or direct contact through mail. We will gladly help you with the right sizes, models and the payment and delivery method of the saddle.

Our conditions 

When purchasing a second-hand saddle, you always pay the netto price. You could possibly ask to fit the saddle on the horse. In addition, there will be visiting costs. (Depending on the distance and the number of customers in that region, the visit costs may vary from 50 euros to a 100 euros within a radiant of 50km).

When you purchase a new saddle under € 1000, - you can choose whether you opt for the 10% discount, or opt for a saddle fitting service (Here you can pay visit costs depending on the distance)
When purchasing a new saddle above € 1000, - you can choose whether you opt for the 10% discount, or opt for the free saddle fitting service. This service means that our saddler will see if the saddle fits your horse and the first follow-up: after a month Eric will see if the saddle is still well on your horse and any adjustments that have to be made to the saddle are then free.

It is also possible to come to our equestrian store in Hamont with your horse / pony. This is only possible on apointment! Please call the shop to arrange this.

If no saddle is purchased, transport costs still have to be paid depending on the work that was done and / or the distance that was driven.

We come to fit saddles in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

* With both new and second-hand saddles in promotion / clearance you always pay the netto price and visiting costs.

The workshop

In our traditional saddlery workshop you can come for the most diverse repairs, including filling saddles, adjusting trees and repairs to the leather. We repair every kind of english riding wear (bridles, girths, blankets, ...). For more information you can always call our store.