Peter Spahn
Peter Spahn and his wonderful Friesian horses are internationally renowned. The true Friesian horse lover competes with this wonderful breed at the highest level, Grand Prix. Peter lives in the Netherlands nowadays, where he works for Fryso Huys and promotes the Friesian horse as dressage horse.

Peter fell in love with horses at a young age and already rode his first Prix St. Georges test at the age of eighteen. Once he had ridden Friesian horses the choice was easy. With these impressive horses and their wonderful character Peter Spahn made his Grand Prix dream come true.

Peter is now a member of the national Belgian Dressage Team and his goal is to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. With as much as three upcoming Grand Prix horses it is safe to say Peter’s dream is well in reach!

Emmers Ruitersport supports talent and greatly respects Peter Spahn’s perseverance. Chris: “Despite the prejudice Friesian horses faced in top-level dressage Peter persisted in his dream. To him, every obstacle is a chance and with this attitude he has turned criticism into admiration. We think highly of his talent and vigour.”

Peter had trouble finding a good saddle for his Friesian horses. Chris set out to find a suitable saddle for the rider and his horses. Chris presented him with the Euroriding Diamant saddle and Peter was thrilled. “It’s an excellent saddle. Perfect fit, wonderful seat. I’m very happy with it.”

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