You can also contact us for washing all your horse material!

Our prices:

Bandages3 euro
 Tendon boots4,50 euro
 Under bandages3 euro
Transport gaiters9 euro
Numnahs7,50 euro
(With wool,extra charge of €2,50)
Winter blanket18 euro
(With neck, extra charge of €4,50)
Fleece blanket15 euro
Fly blanket15 euro
 Cotton blanket16,50 euro
 Neck part5 euro
Waterproofing12,50 euro

We always ask you to deliver all laundry in a garbage bag (or other large, sturdy bag).
Laundry that is not delivered in a bag, we can refuse!

Our laundry is picked up every 2 weeks on saturday


Of course, broken products can always be repaired. Unfortunately, we can not specify prices in advance. Depending on the amount of work, the price may vary.

* There are certain products that we can not repair or that the repair costs are too high. For more information you can always call our store!